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Nicario Jimenez

Artist of the Andes

At our store, we are proud to offer a selection of Retablos created by the renowned artist Nicario Jimenez. Nicario's skillful compositions depict religious, historical, and everyday events, each scene intricately crafted with brightly colored figurines made from a unique doughy mixture of boiled potato and gypsum powder.But what truly sets Nicario's work apart is the personal connection he has to this ancient art form. Born in a peasant community in the high Peruvian Andes, Nicario's sculptures pay homage to the rich cultural traditions of his homeland.We are honored to share Nicario's work with our customers, knowing that each piece was created with care and dedication using only a small piece of wood resembling an enlarged toothpick. His Retablos have been showcased at prestigious exhibitions across the United States, including the San Francisco Craft and Folk Art Museum and the Museum of Man in San Diego.Nicario's work has even been selected by the Smithsonian Institution for its "Seeds of Change" exhibit and is now part of their permanent collection. We believe that by offering Nicario's Retablos at our store, we are not only sharing a beautiful art form but also a personal connection to the rich history and traditions of Peru.We hope that owning one of Nicario's Retablos will bring you as much joy and appreciation for this sophisticated folk art as it has brought us. We take pride in offering high-quality pieces that are not only beautiful but also imbued with a sense of cultural significance and history.